Vedic counseling offers a therapeutic approach and guidance, aligned with the main goals of life and general well-being. Dharma: which refers to the purpose of individual life; Artha: the means and resources necessary to fulfill that purpose; Kama: all the pleasures and delights we enjoy in life; Moksha: liberation and lightness in your path. The general well-being, Arogya, covers the health of the mind, body and spirit, and includes: Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra, meditation, experiential practices and much more, to achieve a true transformation.


Is the true calling of a person, what they are born to do. It refers each person\'s individual expression of his / her soul's purpose. When acted upon, it is a principle that will benefit not just your own dharma but the larger or universal expression of it as well. What you were born to do.